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March 18, 2016

My stay here at Argentine Care Facility was such a help in my recovery. All the staff here is very kind and helpful. Without their help, I would not have succeeded in walking again! They have a very efficient Therapy Staff, very caring and helpful.
I look forward to being able to go to my home, and I will carry many fond memories of the people I met there.
My thanks to all,

~ Agnes D.

To All the Departments of the Argentine Care Center:
Not having met any of you personally, I want to let you know how much I, and the rest of my family, want to thank each and every one of you for all the good care and concern of your residents.  In particular my sister.  She has said from the beginning that she loves it at Argentine.  In reality, you have become her family – it makes me feel very good every time I hear her speaking so highly of you.  I sure wish I lived closer so I could meet you all.  God bless you – how important you are to making “care” work.
Special thanks to the nurses I have talked to when I call to get a report of her condition. I also appreciated the help they gave my sister when the nurse let my sister use her phone so she could speak to me.  It had been quite some time since I had heard her voice. All of this is greatly appreciated.  Love to all.

~ North Carolina

This testimonial was printed in the TRI-COUNTY TIMES:

I would like to give a special “Thank You” to the Argentine Care Center in Linden, MI. You have been so wonderful to my mother and all the other residents. You make taking care of my mother much easier.
My mother had been in another care center and it was a nightmare. Thank you for the open door policy at Argentine Care Center, I am able to see her any time of the day and as often as I want. They also treat my mother and all the residents as if they were family with big hugs and nice walks outside to get fresh air.  I feel that my mother is safe and very well cared for.
The facility is very clean, the food is extraordinary and the management, nurses, aides, chefs, office staff, social workers, custodial, maintenance, and therapists are extremely caring. I thank God for them all!!!
If you have loved ones and are looking for a care facility – you need to check out Argentine Care Center – they are the best.

I am an instructor for GASC Technology Center and I have used your facility for CNA student training for the past 2 years. For the past 20 years, I have taken students to healthcare facilities all over Genessee County, but I was impressed with the quality of care I observed during my clinical sessions at your facility.  That is why it was an easy decision to contact your facility when I needed to transfer my mother into a long-term-care facility.  This decision was based on my personal observations and experience with your facility and I’m glad I made that choice.

My mother passed away at your facility and while she was only at your facility for about 3 weeks, she received excellent care during her stay. I commend all of your staff.  Everyone was kind, caring, and considerate.  I was impressed with the housekeeping, laundry, administration, and of course the nursing staff. Kelli was very patient and understanding while she guided me through the admission process.  Mom’s laundry was always washed and put back into her closet neatly and in a timely manner.  The dietary staff always knew how much she had eaten and since I was monitoring her daily intake, they were happy to share that information with me when I asked.  Her room was kept clean and the maintenance staff was checking her equipment on a regular basis.
The nursing staff was exceptional.  The aides were competent, compassionate, and kept her comfortable during her stay.  Mom was treated like family and she received as good of care as I could have given her in my own home.  When her condition began to decline, the charge nurses made good observations and suggestions and kept me informed about her condition on a regular basis.  All of that helped make her last days easier for her and for me.

I am proud to tell family, friends, peers, and students that my mother was a resident at Argentine Care Center.  I tell everyone I know what great care mom received and I recommend admitting their loved one to your facility.

The quality of care for our Mother at the Argentine Care Center is exceptional.  We continue to be amazed by the staff!  They make sure that she is clean and neat every day including her hair and nails and clothing.  Extra care is given if she is having problems on certain days with physical or emotional issues. My brother and I attend care conferences with reports given by the nursing director, social services director, dietary manager, rehabilitation coordinator, and activities director.  On any other day, we are able to call and ask a question or stop in and talk to one of the nurses or aides.  Families are welcome to come in at any time of the day or night.  Everyone is open and friendly and willing to communicate. In addition, a newsletter is sent to families each month.  Another positive about the Argentine staff is the fact that they are long term employees.  We do not see the turnover as there is in some of the other area care facilities.  The administrative staff is family-based and has been with Argentine for twenty plus years.  We feel that the residents receive personalized care because the staff spends time getting to know them and their families.

Our mother has been a resident at the Argentine Care Center for a year and a half and she and our family are treated with love and respect.  We couldn’t ask for anything more. My brother and I are able to visit our mother just about every day.  We notice that the Care Center is clean and neat from the kitchen to the dining room to the family room areas as well as the bedrooms.  Meals are carefully planned for the needs of each resident.  The deck is inviting with the beautiful flowers and plants surrounding it.  The staff is cheerful, upbeat, caring, and fun-loving.  Always a friendly hello and a big smile!  They look out for the emotional well-being of the residents.  Activities are planned for birthdays and theme celebrations are organized for Holidays and seasonal events.  Our mother’s favorite has been the hymn singing with the minister from her church.  There are also crafts, games, exercise times, and church services available throughout the month.  Families are welcome to join in on the activities.  One of our favorites is the Christmas party.

A positive experience for us is to see our Mother cared for with the love and respect she receives.  We are especially pleased to see her overall well-being.  That is a huge blessing for our family.   My brother and I have developed relationships with the staff and the residents and their families.  We feel that we are now a part of the Argentine family. We would be honored to recommend the Argentine Care Center.

Thank You.

We would like to express our appreciation to the Argentine Care Center for their excellent care of our sister for the past two years.  The staff is wonderful, providing a warm and caring environment, often going the extra mile to make her feel special.  Your facility is always very well maintained, with excellent meals and plenty of activities to fill the day.  We also appreciate feeling very welcome during our visits.

Thank you.

After coming to the decision of placing my mother in a facility where I knew she would be well taken care of, I remembered the center where my grandmother was previously.  When I would visit, I knew then that the Argentine Care Center would be the place for my mom.  I was so right.  They took care.  They made her part of their family and made her feel welcome.  It is one big family.  They have crafts and constant activities for all to participate.  They even brought in entertainment now and then.  The summer picnics outside, the deck outback, the flowers that even some of the residents help plant were wonderful.  She was kept busy and loved every minute of it.  A very important part of the decision was also the cleanliness.  The center was always clean.  The linen changed regularly, the floors cleaned, the bathing area was top notch. My mother was here for one year and it was comfortable for her and for me to visit.  I think my family is everything and nothing was lost when my mother moved to this facility.  I was able to visit her anytime and take her out anytime I wanted.  The day to day routines were almost the same as when she was with me.  She was able to get her favorite foods, her meds were given right on time and exactly what was ordered.  She rested well and woke with plenty of energy to take on another day.  I can’t say enough about this facility except that I would recommend it to anyone who has a loved one that needs care.